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Hagimura Seicha | Products - Usucha Matcha Suizawa, Koicha Matcha Shisui

Usucha MatchaSuizawa*weak infusion of powdered teaKoicha MatchaShisui*strong infusion of powdered tea

We use the highest grade tea leaves that are carefully grown in the shade at specially selected tea plantations.
It is a superb tea with fresh color of green, a rich aroma and mild umami.
You can use "Shisui" for koicha and "Suizawa" for usucha.

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Hagimura Seicha | Products - Specialty of Suizawa: Kabusecha

Specialty of Suizawa:Kabusecha

Mie Prefecture leads Japan in the production of Kabusecha. We use the highest quality tea leaves even among in those harvested in MIzusawa-Cho, which produces superior leaves. (Specialty of Suizawa: Kabusecha).
This is a fine tea that is well-balanced with mild umami like gyokuro and fresh feeling like sencha.

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Hagimura Seicha | Products - Gyokuro: Direct from Tea Plantation

Gyokuro: Direct from Tea Plantation

The deluxe gyokuro that is picked by hand, grown on gyokuro trellises and carefully made has strong umami, brilliant dark-green color and divine gloss.
Please let hot water cool down to body temperature and steam enough to brew the tea.
We are sure that this gyokuro will bring you another world and relaxing time.

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Hagimura Seicha | Products - First-Picked Sencha


This is Sencha that was picked for the first time in the year.
We use the earliest and best grown tea leaves in our 47ha tea plantation.
We deliver the nature's bounty to you as it is (Can be sold out).

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Hagimura Seicha | Products - Japanese-Style English Tea Bags

Japanese-StyleEnglish Tea Bags

We use a kind of English tea "Benifuki" only and make it with traditional methods. The bright red and fragrance like flowers are proof of it.
It is a genuine European-style English tea.
The JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative Association) eating house in Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store serves it as a Japanese-style English tea.

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Hagimura Seicha | Products - Gabalon Tea Bags

Gabalon Tea Bags

It is a tea that is rich in GABA component (γ-amino butyric acid).
Before the Specific Health Food System started, there were some reports that said Gabalon tea had an effect to lower blood pressure.
We have been producing the tea since 1987 for our customers to enjoy it.

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Hagimura Seicha | Products - Fine Hojicha

Fine Hojicha
: Direct from Tea Plantation

It is an aromatic hojicha. This "Fine Hojicha" is strongly heated and well roasted like nothing else.
Not only is it elegant but strong with umami.
"Hojicha" gives you fresh feeling for aftertaste.

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Hagimura Seicha | Products - Genmaicha Mixed with Matcha: Direct from Tea Plantation

Genmaicha Mixed with Luxury Matcha
: Direct from Tea Plantation

We use the highest grade brown rice, and the aroma of the locally roasted rice is outstanding! Needless to say, the tea used for the genmaicha is kabusecha, and we mix matcha made for the use of tea ceremony.
You can enjoy the elegant aroma and umami of "Genmaicha Mixed with Luxury Matcha" with top quality ingredients you cannot taste any other way.
Please try it if you have intention for real thing.

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